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Away and Interview With 1889 Labs


I have been neglecting my writerly duties! Ok, not really, I’ve been spending more of my energy on my website BA with organising events, giveaways, interviews, reviews, other people, outside yet connected projects, and it has taken up most of my online/computer time. With pacing I only give myself a certain amount of time on the computer so I don’t burn out (ie; lose spoons) and start talking like a drugged up mofo.

I started taking review requests awhile ago and now the queue has gotten so long that I’ve not only put a hold on accepting more, but I think expecting to be able to write around those is unrealistic for me. I’ve never really been very good at reading other books and writing my own stories. They don’t co-exist nicely for me and I think expecting to make a fair dint in that queue by sometime in November is reasonable so writing should be more of a focus by then. Again. I find that interesting because the current novel I’m working on was started last November during National Novel Writing Month (NaNoWriMo) and it will amuse me if I finish it this November. A whole year for my draft! I think that’s ok, especially if I can make sure I don’t take another whole year to edit the bloody thing. Another possibly unrealistic goal perhaps? Hmm… I think it will be all right.

I have also been having a life offline! Nice! I went to my first poetry reading, which was local. I’ve never heard of a poetry reading being in my area before so that was exciting. The experience was interesting and a good one. The poetry itself wasn’t too bad, but too technical for me. I prefer poetry with feeling, where feeling is the basis and motivation, but my impression of this poetry was more about an exercise in using as many techniques as possible. It’s great if a poet can utilise so many different techniques, but I believe there’s something to be said about feeling in poetry. I still enjoyed some of them and then we had dessert! Yes, pav! Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures, wasn’t thinking that far ahead, but I do have a picture of my dinner I took with my phone. Close enough.

I’ve seen a few movies in the meantime as well, I can’t remember what though… Need to jog my memory. Oh, The Rise of The Planet of The Apes. It wasn’t bad, I’d say more average to good rather than awesome. It would also be one of the only movies where I cheered on the violence from the chimpanzees and friends because human beings, especially in that movie, suck.

Tom Felton was in the movie and it appears the poor bastard is being type cast as an arsehole. Hopefully that doesn’t last for him because I reckon he could do far broader work. I also haven’t seen him in anything else besides Apes and HP. He was in The Borrowers…

Aww so little and so cute. Note in there too, at around 3:17, they have to escape the clutches of evil Mr Potter! How funny is that?

Before I go, I was interviewed recently by Terra Whiteman (who is awesome and is a published author on top of editing the 1889 Labs ezine) with 1889 Labs if you want to check it out. That was fun. I pretty much talk about books and writing, what a surprise. I do mention gaming too, trying to get that in there because I’m on a gaming kick lately.


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2 thoughts on “Away and Interview With 1889 Labs

  1. Is it bad to admit to a teensy crush on Tom Felton?

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