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Sutherland Shire Writing Group

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I have joined my first writing group, finally! When I say joined, I mean I got over trying to find one in my area and, as is my usual way of doing things, I asked some people if they love writing and would they like to form a group. Writing group created.

We had our first get together the Monday past, basically discussing what we were going to do and just chatting. None of us have joined a writing group before, except virtually, so we’re not experts yet. I don’t see that as a problem though because I had very little idea of what to expect when I created my book club and I hadn’t been to any before then.

I think it went really well and I’m pretty excited to be going to our next one. We’re having writing exercises and I pipped up saying ‘lets have flash fiction exercises.’ We decided on 500 words (my initial suggestion) to start with, which will be interesting because I’ve never written any type of prose that short unless it was poetry. I’ve had a think about it and it’s probably more challenging then writing a short story of 1,000 – 1,500 words or maybe not. Either way, I’m curious to see how I go writing a story including introduction, conflict, and resolution in 500 words!

We’re also going to critique each other’s work, which I think is important, but mainly it’s all about support, encouragement, and being able to talk to others who are being driven just as crazy.

Whatever I feel is decent fiction born from these exercises, I’ll be posting on here; otherwise I’ll keep them to myself or expand them at a later date.

If anyone in the area is interested in joining us, we meet once a month on a Monday at 6:30pm, and you can email me at BSparks.Writing[at]gmail[dot]com if you want to know more or fill out this form and I’ll get it directly;

Writing Group Questions



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