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Time, Where Have You Gone?

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I can’t believe December is almost upon us, but that’s usually how it goes doesn’t it? I’ve been meaning to do several posts on here, besides updates, and then updates as well. Now we’re at the tale-end of November and I don’t remember most of what I was going to update about. So where to begin? I think instead of beginnings, I’ll go with highlights seeing as I can’t recall the last real update and can’t feel bothered finding it. What can I say? Sundays are usually low energy days, they render me sloth-like.

The Writing Update

I’ve barely written anything except reviews for awhile, but I have started writing flash fiction thanks to my writing group. It’s good to be able to feel that creative invigorating mood you get when speaking to fellow writers about the subject. I have my first flash fiction I’ll be posting here soon, after a few more edits, and am about to start the next one.

I’m pretty happy with my progress though, because the main reason I haven’t been writing is almost over. I started accepting review requests, they piled up like crazy, and I then set a date for myself to finish reading by. That date has changed several times when it appeared it wouldn’t be attainable, but this last one seems to be working.

The final date is end of December to mid January. It’s more end of December and I’m now on the 5th last book. The mid January part is more for reading two sequels from these review requests that have come out since reviewing the first books. I’m pretty excited about that and want to read them as soon as these other books are out of the way.

With that done, I’ll be taking a short break from reading, then carrying on with my current WIP, which I seem to have taken a whole year off from! Oops, didn’t plan on that happening! Oh well, things happen and you can’t change your past actions, but you can do something about changing and reshaping your motivations in the present.

Left Playing Catch Up

Sleep is precious! To everyone, even those who live on very little. I don’t know how the latter do it. Granted I used to, but I still don’t know how they do it now. I was lacking sleep for awhile there and it upset my routine. A lot. To the point of taking time off from the internet as much as possible. Well, the fatigue didn’t give me a choice, but I like to tell myself otherwise.

I’m still playing catch up with everything after more than a week. I’m happy though because of being able to get through all that reading and I just think of that when I feel like I’m never going to catch up.

Life Got in the Way

Life has been pretty good lately, I must say, with plenty to do and experience. The latest events I remember are going to see the Sony World Photography Awards at the Sydney Opera House. I was great to see an exhibition that was partly outside and the photographs included ranged from breathtaking, to inspiring, to joyful.

I don’t have any photos of the exhibition itself, but there were many, many pictures taken on the day. A few of those I have to share.

The top of The Opera House

An Installation in The Royal Botanic Gardens

It's not just any Barbie - It's Sydney Opera House Barbie!

It wouldn't be Darling Harbour without a seagull. Thought I'd throw that in there...

If you’re interested in the Photography Awards I have a link for you to check out the WPO galleries. You can enter now for the 2012 ones if you’re interested.

There was also the Lifeline Book Fair (the Sutherland Shire one) in October.

I took a sneaky picture with my phone while having a break.

I’ve gone twice in three years now and have noticed each year there is a decline in books I’ve purchased. As my partner pointed out to me – I have most of them already and that’s probably why I don’t end up with as many. Yeah. She’s right though, but I ended up still finding some gems. I don’t have a picture of them, but I’ll go through them and share later on.

The book fair itself was at a new venue, hence the later date it was held. Usually they have it at the Sutherland Entertainment Centre, but this year they went with The Tradies. I wasn’t sure what to expect, especially seeing as I consider the Tradies a place of… Let me just say I’m far from a prude and I’m not a goody too-shoes, but I’ve had my time of excess and I’m not interested in it anymore. The Tradies to me represent a place of booze, gambling, and horrible karaoke. I do not see these things mixing with books. They come across as two different worlds to me that shouldn’t meet, but it turned out really well.

At least if you don’t count the meal… We had a blowie trying to get at us while trying to eat and I also don’t like the ‘pay now’ factor when a wait-person comes and asks what drinks you’d like. Makes me feel as if they suspect me of doing a runner or something.

The staff are excellent though and all of them were friendly. I think there was definitely enough room for all the books and I loved the idea of a separate area for the rare and collectibles.

Last, but not least, there’s the dog. I love him! He’s my partner’s pet and I just had to share some photos… For the fun of it!

I’ve seen a great movie and played an awesome game as well, which I want to share, but I’ll leave that till another day. I’m going to go watch some Dexter. Hope you’ve all had an excellent weekend!


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Between a blogging addiction, hosting reading challenges, reviewing, writing novels, and overcoming a neuro-immune disease, Bonnie attempts to do as many awesome things as she can and has a good dose of daily bunny cuddles. She resides in Western Sydney with her rabbit, Winston.

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