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Dr. Bell and ME/CFS Patient

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I wanted to share a clip an FB buddy of mine shared last night. It’s not exactly a happy one and if you’re in the M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelitis) boat the latter half might be a bit harder to watch without coming away feeling quite emotional (I know I did), but I think it gets some points across about M.E. that are missed out on. M.E., and other similar illnesses, aren’t given enough recognition. They’re not given enough attention, which I feel plays a huge part in how people suffer. If there was more research and awareness perhaps suffering would lessen to a degree and I hope sharing this clip helps towards that.

If you’re curious too, I have M.E. (not CFS, which is also debilitating yet not the same thing), but not at that level of severity. At least not anymore. I’ve been where the ME/CFS patient is in this clip, I can empathise with them, but I’m extremely lucky in I’ve recovered to a degree. Not completely, that doesn’t happen, but enough to make a massive difference in my life. Even if it just means on bad days I still spend time in bed, but at least I can watch a movie instead of staring at the ceiling or struggling to open my eyes. That makes a huge difference. Huge!

Anyway, enough of me blabbering! Here’s the clip;

Dr. David Bell & ME/CFS patient from ME/CFS patients on Vimeo.


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