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Book Nooks (1): Nothing Like a Good Window Seat


Book Nooks is a weekly meme (created by Random Magic author Sasha Soren) featuring a collective gallery of pretty and comfortable places for book lovers to enjoy a nice read.
Book Nooks posts go up every weekend (we’re counting anywhere from Fri. through Sun. as a weekend), so please feel free to jump in whenever you like, with your own post – that just means more nice things to look at!

This Week’s Reading Corner

Commentary: I love window seats! While I’d prefer more cushions and back support in this one, I love that there’s only a pane of glass separating you from the trees. Having a white and light wooden floorboards gives it an open, no fuss, sort of feel, which I think would be great even on a grey day. And of course, having shelves of books to look at when you have a break is always a good thing.

Details: Location and artist unknown, not given in original post.
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Author: Bonnie

Between a blogging addiction, hosting reading challenges, reviewing, writing novels, and overcoming a neuro-immune disease, Bonnie attempts to do as many awesome things as she can and has a good dose of daily bunny cuddles. She resides in Western Sydney with her rabbit, Winston.

4 thoughts on “Book Nooks (1): Nothing Like a Good Window Seat

  1. Ahhh! Damn that is so pretty! I absolutely LOVE window seats (just like you). And the books surrounding me are perfect, brilliant companions for a good peaceful read.
    Read is one activity one can only pursue in solitude, the pleasure is always reaped alone, no matter how many people “read” with you! 😀
    Great nook pic! (double meaning intended. he he)

    stop by my nook sometime when your taking a break from your reading.:D

  2. This is my kind of reading nook, too 🙂

  3. I’ve seen this reading nook before and love it every time I look at it! I like how light it looks, and also, the view outside — with a couple of pillows for my back, this would be perfect!

  4. I always love any house with a great window seat and a book shelf to complete a mellow scene 😀

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