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365 Day Photography Challenge – Week Three

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The following photos are part of the 365 Photography Challenge I’m taking part in. This is week three, 15th-21st of January 2012.

January 15th: Purple - This is from one of the many flowers my Oma received for her 90th birthday. 90th! I can barely imagine being 50, let alone 90. Obviously I'm not one to think that far ahead... My Oma rules and I'd be lucky to be half as sprightly, as mentally sharp, and half as humorous at her age.

January 16th: Skyrim Elf - This has been a week of low spoons (Scroll to the end for a link to The Spoon Theory) and mostly bedbound times, so when I'm bored, had a good rest, but can't do much, I like to get my game on. Skyrim has been my game of choice for the last couple of months. This is my Elf, hanging out in Whiterun. I usually go for something more human and male, but felt like something different this time 'round.

January 17th: New Insulin Pens - Finally got my new insulin pens (last ones I got didn't fit with the cartridges I use) and so far they're working beautifully.

January 18th: View - Spending time being stuck in bed means there will be times staring at things. I like to stare at the plant and through the blinds, just for some nature. Obviously my photography options are limited this week.

January 19th: Little Visitor - Someone was hiding out in my office and stayed long enough for me to take a quick photo before scampering off to hang out somewhere else.

January 20th: Tree Tunnel - It's my Mum's birthday this weekend and as an early birthday, and a birthday treat, I shouted her to the movies. I decided to take an opportunity to photograph our street while driving home. I love that part of it because the way the trees canopy overhead always makes it feel like a natural tunnel.

January 21st: Wrong Number - It was my Mum's birthday on the 21st. We weren't able to get birthday candles and the ones above were the only ones I could find in the house. I thought I struck gold for a moment when I spied the fairy sprinkler candle box. Alas, it was empty. Of course she wasn't turning 25... and yes we could have had the candles around the wrong way so it's closer to her age, but I thought it would be more amusing the more obviously wrong the number was...

Read The Spoon Theory


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