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365 Day Photography Challenge – Week Eight

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The following photos are part of the 365 Photography Challenge I’m taking part in. This is week eight, March 25th-31st 2012.

And it’s back! I mentioned not that long ago that I was taking a break from the photo challenge and this was what I was going to do when I started back up again. So here’s hoping I can stick with it for awhile.

Last week I came back home from a two week stay at my partner’s place, finished reading The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice (I’d taken eight books to my partner’s place, some for planned reading and others just in case I didn’t get into those books, but ended reading less than two hundred pages), and finally got a copy of Mass Effect 3. It had been pre-ordered, but for some reason the website mixed up the order and I missed out on the collector’s edition. I think I’ll stick to pre-ordering games from gaming companies instead of trying a new place. I’d bought from them before without problems though, books and DVDs, but I guess it can’t always go smoothly. Not to worry, now I have a copy and my inner geek is feeling pretty giddy.

March 25th: Rambo Sleeping - Rambo sleeping between my partner and I. Isn't he cute? So cute.

March 26th: Cupcakes - We had a craving for cake so my partner made some cupcakes. Gluten free butter cupcakes (I think the brand was Basko? Not sure) and they were so good... Just thinking about them makes my mouth water.

March 27th: Road Works - The council were re-tarring the roads for a few days, blocking off all the houses, parking spaces, and creating quite a racket for most of the day. An inconvenience for the most part, but I guess it's necessary.

March 28th: Rambo and his Ball - There's the puppy again, waiting for me to throw his ball. It's at the bottom of the shot, almost out of site, and just visible. I took so many photos of him when he was playing with his ball, but very few turned out.

March 29th: Splinched Horse - It's true. I'm still playing Skyrim. Three months later... I found this horse by the side of the road, discovered I could ride it for free, and decided I would have a horsie companion for awhile. We had many interesting times, including where he wandered away frequently, and then he got splinched. It's ok, I saved him by going to ride him, but in the end he got killed off by mud crabs. And I thought I'd learnt my lesson after the Unicorn Incident of '08.

March 30th: Flowery Ants - Spending some time outside with the flora and fauna, and the ants.

March 31st: Rose Tinted Sun - Just the right angle and everything was rosy. The weather has been turning to Autumn, which has made me pretty happy, and we've had a lot of lovely weather. Seems like we're finally having a break from the rain.


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Between a blogging addiction, hosting reading challenges, reviewing, writing novels, and overcoming a neuro-immune disease, Bonnie attempts to do as many awesome things as she can and has a good dose of daily bunny cuddles. She resides in Western Sydney with her rabbit, Winston.

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