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Catch Up: Sometimes I Forget and Exciting Times


Hey guys! I feel like I haven’t posted anything much for awhile and now that I’m finally posting something (other than YouTube clips) that it deserves a hello to you all. I get that urge sometimes, the urge to talk to followers and visitors of my blog, but then being me I have a double-take. Because who starts their blog as if they’re writing a letter to someone? I used to love writing letters.

Just a thought there.

Moving on… Since I’ve been taking it easy and pandering to my limitations this year, I’ve been thinking I’ve lost the habit of blogging. It used to be quite the habit, especially with BA, with attempting to have regular content and even going so far as to draft and edit posts in my  head. While I was going to sleep. Maybe that isn’t habit. Maybe that’s obsession, yes?

I would like to get back into a blogging habit once again, although hopefully without the obsession, but I’m going to be way more realistic and keep it to one day a week/fortnight. At least to start. Hence the catch up in the title. I’m thinking Fridays are a good day. It’s towards the end of the week. Stuff can happen during the week. Seems to work doesn’t it? Some weeks nothing much will happen (for example, so far during this week I’ve watched a couple of episodes of Veronica Mars, finished reading a book, got my game on, and done some housework. Exciting, I know) so I’ll skip that week, or, if I’ve started up the photo challenge again (I am determined to finish it), I’ll do a small summary at the beginning of that week’s photo post like I was doing before.

The only problem I can think of with a catch up, especially lately, is I sometimes forget what happened in the last week or two. It doesn’t matter if there were major events happening in the interim. I’ll still forget. Since my break I’ve gone back to not knowing what day it is and having to double check what month it is. Schedules really do help with memory.

So, catch up!

I’ve watched some Veronica Mars, been getting my game on, then there was the housework… Uh yeah… I’ve been planning to move house and in with my partner for awhile now. I finally got to see the place we’ll be moving to and I’m pretty excited. We’ve been busy planning and my main concern, believe it or not, is how I’m going to make my books fit.

Damn you books for multiplying like rabbits! Damn you! I love you so much though… Oh books… Can’t live without you. Can’t seem to fit you anywhere.

I went through them and attempted to cull the wonderful little bastards, but I only got rid of twenty. Still six hundred books, but I feel I’m getting somewhere. Yeah. Definitely somewhere.

Here’s the great news this week though, nearly forgot (see what I mean?)!

Shameless Plug Time!

A writer buddy of mine, Harry F. Kane, has had his book published. I recommend you check it out, especially if you’re a fan of Bizarro fiction. This is the book;


The Badass Bible Synopsis

The Bad Ass Bible: The Bible’s Greatest Hits Remixed is an aptly named book. It takes your favorite books from Sunday School class, remixes them with pop culture and laces in “narrative loops” throughout the stories.

The result is a mashup of Western culture that samples Metallica, “Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure”, Hunter Thompson, Tolkien, ….. then remixes it with “narrative loops” much like a DJ inserts phrases into a song, and you’re left with… A Bad Ass version of the Bible.

And this is the publisher’s (Bizarro Press) introduction;

“We get a lot of submissions, and most of them SUCK! So when I first started reading this, I was relieved that it was un-sucky. As I began to get into the story, the author kept doing this thing where he would repeat a phrase. The first time it happened it was unexpected, and it really just sent a quiver down my spine that sucky shit tends to do. But, I gave him the benefit of the doubt until he did it again.

Then I got PISSED! I couldn’t believe that he was doing this! It was so well written, but he kept doing this THING. My mind SCREAMED “Why does he keep fucking doing that!” Until I got to the first time God talks, and I laughed so hard my neighbors probably thought I was drunk on Sunday at 11 am again.

I got it. IT WAS A JOKE! And it was the most original joke I’d ever heard! (Well, read actually.) The author does this “word loop” thing throughout the book, almost like a DJ loops in phrases to a song. I realized I was reading the literary equivalent of Andy Warhol’s “Campbell Soup”. The “word loops” add a beat to the flow of the book like a chorus to a song. It’s AMAZING! And just when it starts to get old he remixes it on you.

The book is a mashup of your favorite Sunday School hits and pop culture. From Hunter Thompson, to Tolkien, to “Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure” and more. The book is FUCKING AWESOME and we are proud to be publishing it.”

I think they liked it. So go forth, buy it, check out the author, and that ends the shameless plug.


As for the blog, I have ideas for it which I have to wait to implement, but in the meantime there’s something I want to do with reviews. I’ve been posting book reviews sporadically and haven’t really been fussy about which reviews. I’ve decided to only post reviews of books I love or ones I feel should be read for a special reason. I’ve got BA to post about books till the cows come home so I really don’t need to be turning this one into a book blog too, do I? No. If you want to see what other reviews I’ve got though you can always follow BA. Those reviews probably won’t start going up for awhile though. I’ve been able to read a lot (almost hit my book count for the year), but reviews have been difficult to both type up and edit.

One more thing and then I am going to go continue with some exciting housework. Yay, excitement! I was organising an ME/CFS Awareness posting week with guest posters and my own content, but I haven’t been able to keep up with that either. I’ve decided to refrain from making rigid commitments that involve other people via the internet, and mostly offline, for awhile, but if you’re still interested in submitting something please do so. You can find the post about it here, along with a direct contact to me, and I’ll get back to you as soon as possible (if you’ve submitted something already, and are yet to hear from me don’t worry, a reply to you is on my to-do list). I plan to still have the awareness week, but perhaps sticking to when the actual dates are isn’t something to worry about right now. Awareness anytime of the year is a good thing.


Author: Bonnie

Between a blogging addiction, hosting reading challenges, reviewing, writing novels, and overcoming a neuro-immune disease, Bonnie attempts to do as many awesome things as she can and has a good dose of daily bunny cuddles. She resides in Western Sydney with her rabbit, Winston.

2 thoughts on “Catch Up: Sometimes I Forget and Exciting Times

  1. Hi, Bonnie!
    Nice to read your friendly voice! Glad life is on a positive note for you.
    You just work life out before worrying about blogging – blogging may be fun, but it is not one of life’s priorities.
    My Off the Shelf book challenge is a little off the rails – life has bumped it in my priorities – but I am plodding along!
    Stay well!

  2. “only problem I can think of with a catch up, especially lately, is I sometimes forget what happened in the last week or two. It doesn’t matter if there were major events happening in the interim. I’ll still forget. Since my break I’ve gone back to not knowing what day it is and having to double check what month it is.”

    I’m like that too. :s

    Thanks for updating, chica. I’m glad you’re taking it easy, but I do miss your photo challenge posts. 😀 Btw, if you’re getting rid of books, you can always send some my way. LOL

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