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Nano Novel 2012 Quotes: Day Two

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Each day I will be posting my total daily summary of my NaNo writing over on Twitter and posting a quote, from what I’ve written, here.

I will not be editing my quotes overly much before I post them. I want to leave the material as raw as possible in order to avoid the edit-as-you-go problem. I may or may not include a summary of how my writing day went. Depends on how my hands and brain are feeling.


Today’s Quote

“Yes Mummy.” Lulu answers, swinging the skirt of her pinafore around and looking at Mrs Mackenzie’s shined heels. She never saw them any other day except Wednesdays.


I woke up quite bleary eyed and really believing I wouldn’t write much of anything today. I was still hoping to press on and at least get the recommended daily word count of 1667. After too much time watching the crazy lizards having a death match out back, I finally sat down and plugged away. Amazingly to me I reached 2072 (if it looks different on my twitter summary it’s because it is. I had to go back and tweak a sentence. Just had to). I’m now at 5,000 something… I’m elated, but too tired to really care. Going to go lie down. Stare at stuff…


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Between a blogging addiction, hosting reading challenges, reviewing, writing novels, and overcoming a neuro-immune disease, Bonnie attempts to do as many awesome things as she can and has a good dose of daily bunny cuddles. She resides in Western Sydney with her rabbit, Winston.

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