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Nano Novel 2012 Quotes: Day Four, Five, Six, Seven, and Eight

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Each day I will be posting my total daily summary of my NaNo writing over on Twitter and posting a quote, from what I’ve written, here.

I will not be editing my quotes overly much before I post them. I want to leave the material as raw as possible in order to avoid the edit-as-you-go problem. I may or may not include a summary of how my writing day went. Depends on how my hands and brain are feeling.


Day Four Quote

“Don’t you want to help everyone find their liquorice?”

Day Five Quote

Her fingers dug into the dirt trying to find purchase and stop her body from moving, but it was futile.

Day Six Quote

“Yes.” She mumbles an answer, picking at lettuce poking out of her sandwich, before having a small nibble.

Day Seven Quote

He was a forgettable kid with plain features; eyes to match his light brown shaggy hair, and an average build.

Today’s Quote

She glimpsed Ted to her left and dashed to the right. She glimpsed Stuart to her right and dashed to her left.


Well! So much for posting each day! Meh, I’m not bothered by it, but I figured I’d get a post in today with some quotes and an update about writing for the last several days. So, we got a bunny, which has preoccupied and hampered a lot of my free time after writing. The last day I posted a quote was day three and that wasn’t exactly a good day for me.

I’m better now though. It’s a hard thing for me to write a story like this. Usually I write something completely fictional with only loose ties to something like location. My MC is a representation of my younger self. I went through some crappy things when I was younger, but in my story I’m adding to it and distorting events.  It doesn’t mean horrible things don’t happen, on the contrary, terrible things happen to Lulu. Being a representation of my youngself though means I’m writing a part of me into these traumatic scenarios and it does upset me. I can write the worst scenes, but I struggle through it. It dredges up a lot of buried memories and emotions, which is one of the reasons I’m writing this story.

I didn’t think it would be this difficult though and have gone about counteracting the feeling by writing the first scene with particular characters and then writing later scenes with them in order to make the whole process more cathartic. And making me less likely to go have a shower, to scrub away my psychological dirt, afterwards.

It’s all coming along. After not getting much writing done on Monday, when we got Fiver, I feel like I have caught up this week and am now just under 4,000 words ahead. That makes my total 17,264 words with 32,736.

Here is a calendar, one I’m using, showing where you should be each day… I find the swearing motivating…


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