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Nano Novel 2012 Quotes: Day Ten, Eleven, and Twelve

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Each day I will be posting my total daily summary of my NaNo writing over on Twitter and posting a quote, from what I’ve written, here.

I will not be editing my quotes overly much before I post them. I want to leave the material as raw as possible in order to avoid the edit-as-you-go problem. I may or may not include a summary of how my writing day went. Depends on how my hands and brain are feeling.


Day Ten’s Quote

“Are there any magazine cartridges or bandages?” I asked. Tils looked at me enquiringly. “Some bottle caps, perhaps?” (do you get the reference?)

Day Eleven’s Quote

“You’re… “I began, as I heard the sound of a body thumping to the ground behind me, “Bleeding.”

Today’s Quote

After a few moments Blake materialised in front of the doorway, a few girls squealed in displeasure behind Lulu, but her and Blake ignored them.


I’m past half-way! 25,167 words in total. I feel like I’m getting into a good rhythm now too. Last week was a bit crazy because we got the new housemate, a.k.a Fiver, and I was running around after him a bit and trying to get to know him. Now it’s easier as he is pretty much toilet trained now, the house is bunny proofed, and I’m more aware of his habits. He has plenty of toys to play with and a cardboard castle to jump around in, so he isn’t bored. Fiver’s pretty much going between chillin’ and binkies all day long.

After starting the second novel I’m happier about writing the first one. I’m finding it easier, at least I did today, with Bully Me, but maybe that’s more because I’m coming to the last of the incidents and will be dealing with consequences after tomorrow.

I’ve discovered as well that I have no idea where the second novel is going. It’s interesting because one story is such a pantster writing experience and the other is so planned (I’ve gone so far as drawing a map for Bully Me and numbering the sections where certain scenes take place), but maybe this is why I finally feel like I’m having fun with this NaNo. Before it felt more like a dredging of negativity and not fun because of it.


In other news, that’s still related, I have a new badge. A friend gave it to me and I love it. So I’ve decided it will be my NaNo badge, which means I will wear it everywhere I go during November. If you see someone out and about in Western Sydney wearing this badge on either their bag or their chest, then it’s probably me. You’re welcome to come and say hello fellow Wrimos (or even if you’re not a Wrimo and just spot me).


Anyway, I’m going to go play on Pottermore (I am LeviosaDragon7472). I haven’t had a chance to visit the new chapters since they opened up and this is my reward for writing today… getting my geek on!


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