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Nano Novel 2012 Quotes: Day Seventeen and Eighteen

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Each day I will be posting my total daily summary of my NaNo writing over on Twitter and posting a quote, from what I’ve written, here.

I will not be editing my quotes overly much before I post them. I want to leave the material as raw as possible in order to avoid the edit-as-you-go problem. I may or may not include a summary of how my writing day went. Depends on how my hands and brain are feeling.


Day Fifteen’s Quote (from Bunker)

Liam pressed the up button in a rapid motion, like a bird pecking at a worm, but with fear lacing the movement.

Today’s Quote (from Bunker)

I did as told, awkwardly manoeuvring myself around so I could lower my body down until my hands were grasping the edge and I was pressed up against the wall.


I’m so close to only having 10,000 words to go it’s driving me crazy. Hurry up and write Bonnie! I did over 3,000 today though so I’ll leave it at that. I don’t think I really have much else to say today either. I’m too sleepy…


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