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Foodie: The Traffic Light Guide to Food App

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Foodie FridayIt’s Foodie Friday time! Being a Type 1 Diabetic, having M.E., having intolerances, and recovering from a choking phobia, food is a big part of my life. I’m always discovering and rediscovering different foods as well as learning what works best, what recipes to create, and just trying to enjoy myself amidst the struggles.

Today I’m going to wax lyrical about The Traffic Light Guide‘s app and maybe some rambling about food.


I’ve had diabetes for most of my life and I remember The Traffic Light Guide as though it has been around just as long. I honestly don’t know if that’s the truth, but it feels like I grew up with it. I have numerous diabetes books from when I was younger, as well as ones I acquired while growing up, and The Traffic Light Guide has been one of the best.

If you haven’t heard of, or checked out, The Traffic Light Guide to Food then I recommend you do so. It is an Australian-based collaboration, but if you’re an international customer you can contact them about it (says so on the website and there’s also an introduction to The Traffic Light Guide when you visit the site). It’s a great resource for all diabetics and when I say all, I mean any type.

It’s been awhile since I have looked up a newer version. Now I’m able to eat normally I’ve been putting a meal plan together. I’ve been introducing new foods and sometimes it’s easy to become a little slack with portion control (I know, I know, it’s stupid, but I’m sure those who have had diabetes for years and years…. and years…. would understand it is difficult to maintain the same level of discipline continuously) so I decided to google the guide when I was planning out my meals for the next week.

I’m so happy I did! They have an app! I love apps! Seriously, who doesn’t love apps? Not only do they have an app now, but they

The TLG App

The TLG App

have an eBook. For sentimentality’s sake I did want to get a print, but I settled on an eBook copy. Then I got the app…

It isn’t for free, but most excellent apps aren’t and The Traffic Light Guide‘s app is pretty awesome. Well at least I think so, so far. You can add meals, you can add foods, you can add favourites, you can search a food list, you can change serving size, and you can change the colour scheme. Score!

Sorry, I’m excited. I love the app. I mean, it has sushi on the food list. What’s not to love? I often go to places where there are different foods and sometimes I have to guesstimate the carbohydrates (like with Gözleme for instance, which unfortunately isn’t on the food list, but eh). I know I can Google everything, but sometimes the foods aren’t listed on websites I trust and it is nice to have something I know and is reliable sitting in my pocket. How convenient!

If you’re a diabetic with a smart phone (it’s for Blackberry and Android too) then I recommend checking out the app. I think it’s a sound investment for $9.45 and there’s nothing wrong with having a few guides when it comes to Diabetes, carbohydrate exchanges, and blood sugar control. Sometimes I think we need all the help when can get! Maybe that’s just me.


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