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Pulmonary Embolism Follow-Up


Fucked up FridayIt’s Fucked up Friday time! It’s a chance for me to share health based posts, circling around life with M.E., Type 1 Diabetes, General Anxiety Disorder, Social Phobia, Panic Disorder, Obsessive and Disordered Thoughts, Choking Phobia, Depression, Paranoia, Pulmonary Embolism recovery and getting my life back on track. I always feel like I’ve missed something there, but how many issues can you have? Seriously? Bah!

As you can see, Fucked up Friday isn’t in the title. I don’t want to offend anyone. However, Fucked up Friday has a certain ring to it and it’s me having a bit of fun with the kaleidoscope of health issues I have. I feel it’s best not to dwell too seriously on these issues. Take them seriously, yes, but don’t dwell negatively and let them take over your life. Henceforth, this will be the last use of the term Fucked up Friday in this post. Huzzah!

Today I’m going to wax lyrical about blood test results and my last visit to my chest specialist.


During the last fortnight I’ve had two blood tests, pee’d in a cup, and been to see two specialists. It’s been fun! To be honest though, it’s been far more pleasant compared to the beginning of the year when I was getting tests and sitting in waiting rooms more than once a week. I can’t really complain can I?

I was finally able to have my follow-up blood test after my P.E. diagnosis. The procedure, when someone is diagnosed with thrombosis (deep vein clots), is to have a blood test checking for one (or more if you’re a really unlucky bastard) of the clot-causing factors and if they’re abnormal. This test is either run prior to treatment, or after.

I was started on treatment straight away. I believe this was because I had lung clots rather than limb ones and had to wait a month after ending treatment to have the test. It was prolonged even more due to my stupid blood sugars being all over the place and forcing me to break my pre-bloodtest-fast.

I was called into my chest specialists’ office after a week and a half of nervous tension, where I prepared myself to go back on Warfarin. I’d had a blood test run by a newly seen GP many moons ago and she told me I had a Lupus Antibody. Lupus Antibody is one of the factors known to cause abnormal clotting.

Well, aren’t I relieved! No Warfarin for me! But it’s not all clear skies unfortunately. I have the gene mutation Prothrombin 20210, which gives me a five to seven times chance of developing a blood clot. Once you’ve been treated for one though, they won’t put you on any further treatment on discovery of this gene mutation unless you have another episode. AWESOME!

It’s only because it could be much worse. Much, much worse. While five to seven times more likely is still scary, it’s not exactly a high chance, especially compared to having some of the other factors.

So what am I doing to counteract this? Running around like a headless chook, pretty much. The more active you are, the less chance of forming a blood clot, for every one of course. My goal is to be active, fit, and healthy as much as I can be, as well as wonderfully hydrated all the time.

I haven’t quite figured out how I’m taking this news yet. I have my happy and sad moments, feelings of relief as well as consternation, but I will deal with it and be grateful I don’t have to go back on Warfarin again. This means eating as many greens as I want, pigging out on garlic if I feel like it, not having to cut out green tea, and the most important part is not being stressed all the time about whether I’ll accidentally cut, or bruise myself. I am a klutz. Anti-coagulant therapy is extremely stressful when you’re not a klutz.

I know it could be worse and I don’t know what happened with the Lupus Antibody, but it will still be an adjustment as I come to terms with having a mutated gene with issues. Or better yet, an adjustment for the anxiety-ridden, overly analytical, prone to panic and paranoia part of myself.

Quick News: The other specialist was an endocrinologist, a new one I’m seeing, which I had the usual blood work done with and the results are anemia (we already knew that and I’m working on it), elevated cholesterol (working on that too), and an abnormality in my kidney screening test. I’ll post more about it when I have further testing and know what’s what.


Author: Bonnie

Between a blogging addiction, hosting reading challenges, reviewing, writing novels, and overcoming a neuro-immune disease, Bonnie attempts to do as many awesome things as she can and has a good dose of daily bunny cuddles. She resides in Western Sydney with her rabbit, Winston.

2 thoughts on “Pulmonary Embolism Follow-Up

  1. Oh my goodness! I am SO sorry about all your health problems. I hate it when people are sick! 😦 Thank you for having the courage to share so openly. I wish you all the best in your journey to health and maintaining your health.

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