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What’s New: Beginning to Edit my Novel

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What's New WednesdayIt’s What’s New Wednesday time! It’s a chance for me to share what’s new in my non-writing and writing world. Other memes to look out for: Workout Wednesday, Foodie Friday, Fucked up Friday, Music Monday, Motley Monday

Today it’s about writing. Oh the excitement! To be exact, it’s about editing (my novel from 2012’s NaNo), which I am full of dislike for. Woo!


I have been putting this off for so long. I set myself up to commence editing and don’t commence. I’ve gone as far as sitting in front of my mac with the document open, gotten my notebook out and made notes, started reading, set up a words-to-cut list, wrote up a check list on my whiteboard, and what’s happened? Nada.

That was until yesterday.

Roughly two weeks ago I set up my WIP with Scrivener in an effort to motivate myself to edit and end this oppressing cloud of pressure I have looming over me. It worked for about half an hour.

I used to like tedious, monotonous… I really want to use the word chores, but that’s not how I used to consider these activities. Now though, I can’t stand tedious, monotonous activities. I just want to move! I have ants in my pants! I blame this on blood clot induced anxiety and not being completely mobile in seven and a half years.

Don’t make me sit down for too long. DAMN IT!

Obviously editing involves a decent amount of sitting. I sigh at the thought. So… how did I get myself to start yesterday and edit for two hours?

In general, if you’re going to sit for several hours than you should move every two, but I like to set myself a timer of 30-45 minutes (as I read this back, I realise what I must sound like). This can be upsetting when you are really getting into your work, so I’ve broken down everything into parts.

First, because it’s fun and I do still like tedious dorky things, I will work by chapters and use the find function on Scrivener so I can cut/replace words. I’ve discovered I use barely half of the words present in my cut list, which makes the job easier, and I’ve been able to work through two chapters.

When I get the shits with the monotony though, I will tweak for a break. Either a sentence is too wordy, the grammar is off, or the voice is too passive and I will focus on a few paragraphs on doing that until I get the shits and end up cutting words again.

This is really starting to sound like a drawn out process isn’t it? Basically I’m not sure how to get started when I have ants in my pants. What do you do when you have to edit, have to take time to sit and be calm enough to focus, but you can’t sit still for long?

I know people usually print out the manuscript and read through it first, but I do not have the option of printing at the moment and I would really like to print it out in order to scribble all over it. Well, that and I like the romantic notion of having your manuscript in print… Yeah.

So I’m just going to keep cutting and tweaking in order to continue motivating myself and we’ll see how that goes. I’ve popped a widget in the sidebar to also enforce pressure to keep going.

I’m going to stop rambling now.

Quick Note: I am taking part in the Walk to Cure Diabetes. Help me raise money! Sponsor me! Research needs to be done, funds are needed, diabetes needs to go away. So, BE AWESOME.


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Between a blogging addiction, hosting reading challenges, reviewing, writing novels, and overcoming a neuro-immune disease, Bonnie attempts to do as many awesome things as she can and has a good dose of daily bunny cuddles. She resides in Western Sydney with her rabbit, Winston.

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