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A New Editing Schedule

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Guess what? I’m skipping my What’s New meme today! I have nothing new to report. Well, nothing new I can think of. I attempted to blog about going to Melbourne in January, but it was meandering and boring because of it. I think I’ll wait till after the trip to post about it. Otherwise, everything else can be shared on another day.

So, what do I do instead? Don’t you love it when I start with a question? Yeah, me neither. Moving on… to writing! Better yet, editing! I did so many hours today. So many. A part of my brain is still in the zone. I’m trying to ignore it. I don’t think editing/writing at night is a good idea when you’ve been going all day. I don’t like when I can’t get out of the zone straight away. I end up with posts like this, where I can’t figure out what my point is, it takes me ages to finish, and I keep staring into space. Fun. Fun times!

The good news is putting in the hours. I made the decision to edit for two hours each day after thinking I’d do two forty-five minute slots three days a week. I then read Liam Kingman’s Million Word Challenge and I felt inspired to get my act together. I’d consider taking part in the MWC too, but with editing I can’t be stuffed writing as well. Not when two books are waiting for me to clean them up and I can’t decide if I’m taking part in NaNo this year.

Liam’s thoughts on the challenges he writes about gave me ideas and helped me break down the editing path so it doesn’t seem so daunting. I’ve broken it down by time and numbers. This is something I usually do with writing, especially with NaNo, but never thought to do with editing beyond how many hours to do a week. I don’t know why.

I’m now going for a minimum of two hours per day of editing broken up into forty-five minute slots and hopefully done by 12pm. Today I did just that and kept going past lunch time. I did find it difficult to switch off the part of my brain focused on housework and gardening. It amazes me how much I can’t sit still for so long anymore.

Eventually I got into editing mode and have made stacks of notes, rewritten half of the prologue, and worked on a few character details. Success! I even found the time to poke fun at myself.

Now I have to go read fifty pages. Another idea I’ve set for myself is attempting to read a minimum of fifty pages a day. I have too many books to read and review. It’s doing my head in. I haven’t started well with that idea, but I’ll keep trying.

What else can you do if you don’t continue trying?


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