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Workout: My First Fun Run Experience

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Workout WednesdayIt’s Workout Wednesday time! It’s a chance for me to post about my progress with fitness. I’ve had M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelities or incorrectly titled Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) since 2005. When it first began I was in the 5-10% ability range – bedridden, unable to sleep, unable to tolerate noise, unable to do much of anything except lie inert in a dark room.

As you can imagine, muscle wasting occurred and then I developed a blood clot. This blood clot went unnoticed until it travelled into my lungs and split into three blood clots. Such fun! The pulmonary embolism prompted me to get my body moving and now I’ve been building my strength back up, one workout session at a time.

On August the 31st, Sydney hosted it’s first Puma Glow Run. I mentioned I was taking part in a previous post and I’m finally sharing my first fun run experience!

Update: I got the station wrong. It was Central and not Town Hall. Then I thought, while I was here, I’d add a photo!


The fun run itself began at 7pm in Darling Harbour, but we rocked up before lunch time to sign in and chill out. We were in the city for hours, walking around, eating, walking some more, buying cream at a chemist for a mysterious rash that had developed on my arm, eating, drinking, and walking again. We caught the train in and had to get off at Central due to track work. So we walked from Central and went straight down to Darling Harbour to sign-in and pick up our stuff. It was some freebies, a t-shirt, a glow necklace, sweat-band, and a bag along with our numbers.

We were hungry and wanted more glowing things to spread around our bodies so decided to go to World Square. Basically we walked most of the way back. Talk about a nice pre-run warm-up. Seriously, it was nice to be walking around the city. If I make it sound like it wasn’t, it’s because I whinge when I’m hungry (I’m hungry now and was hungry then).

We had lunch, found a cheap store full of glowing merchandise, and then headed down to Darling Harbour to have a drink and relax. Naturally I got drunk because I’m a cheap-as drunk. Don’t worry people, I was not legless, and I sobered up before the Glow Run. I was so relieved about that.

Because we were so early, and eager, we ended up at the front of the crowd when it was time to line-up (no, you can’t see us in the event photos, I checked). We’d ended up getting heaps of glow necklaces and glow sticks, so were nice and glowing too. And I mean heaps.

Taken from the vantage point of sitting on the grass eating my dinner - everyone preparing for the Puma Glow Run.

Taken from the vantage point of sitting on the grass eating my dinner – everyone preparing for the Puma Glow Run.

People were excited, they were glowing, we had spectators, an excited MC was at the front of the crowd yelling out for us to do stuff like Mexican waves and share our photos on Instagram (I didn’t because I was too busy getting ready), glowing beach balls were being passed over the crowd, and we just wanted to know when the music was going to begin!

Ok, so I’m aware I haven’t taken part in a fun run before this so might not know any better, but as far as fun runs go, I don’t think the Puma Glow Run was all that great. Maybe in a couple of years when they’ve gotten the hang of organising it and cordoned off areas, but otherwise, I’m not fussed about joining in on the Glow Run again.

I know fun runs can attract a variety of people. You’ve got the serious runners, the people who are working up to longer runs, the ones who will run sporadically, the ones who are so excited I don’t know where their energy comes from… No, really, those people make me uncomfortable. There were people screaming and acting like children hyped up on red cordial; red cordial packed with so many sugary sweets you need a spoon to get through it.

I asked my partner if the overly excited ones were a common occurrence and she assured me they were. They are the type of participants who will turn someone like me off. Be excited, but calm the exuberance. I realise I may be sounding like a grump here and believe me I wasn’t. It’s just jarring when you’re a quiet person, can be quietly excited, and then you have people around you who are jumping up and down and making so much noise it hurts your eardrums, yell at you with enthusiasm when you’re trying to run, and for some odd reason chase their friends around you…

On top of the enthusiasm, there were also people who were taking part and they obviously weren’t part of it! It was odd running through a city full of people. It was odd enough having spectators, but I could deal with it. It’s when they start joining in when they didn’t pay to, they’re wearing shit like jeans so it’s obvious, and the route isn’t cordoned off properly so you have to run around confused bystanders.

The glowing in the promo wasn’t exactly as awesome as it appears. The dance tents were cool, but there were people trying to run through them and around the dancers. There wasn’t all that much glowing either and the dance area… Well, we left early because they had to pack it up by a certain time and people who weren’t participating in the Glow Run started crashing.

All in all though, the theme is not what got me. I not only got through the whole thing, I ran some of it! I loved it! I want to take part in all the fun runs! Ok, maybe not, especially when you have to pay for them, but every few 5k ones when they aren’t smack-bang in the middle of the city. I may not run the whole thing, I’m not fit enough, but I will definitely walk and run intermittently.

I didn’t feel too bad the next day either. I was mostly tired because we got home after midnight and I’m a Nanna now, I have trouble staying awake after 9:30pm, so staying up late wears me out! The muscle pain was fine though and my ME did not flare up. Huzzah!

The next one I will be taking part in is JDRF’s Walk to Cure Diabetes at Parramatta and the Electric Run at Homebush. I can’t wait for both of them! I’m psyched!


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