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NaNoWriMo: Counting Down to Crazy

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It’s a month till NaNoWrimo begins! So right now… I’m shitting myself. I may look excited, but I’m balls-deep in anxiety. See what I mean? I don’t know what’s wrong with me! Within the span of a couple of seconds, I’ve given you the image of defecating and sex*. Good for a minority, but not the majority. No one needs to worry about my state of mind. I’m already doing it for you.

This will be my third NaNo and I believe it is safe to say NaNo drives you crazy. I love it. Not the crazy part, the NaNo part. I love the community of it. At the risk of being corny; I love knowing there’s more people out there obsessing, freaking out, and being excited over the same thing you are. I enjoy knowing others are going loopy over the same end-goal. I already knew there were writers out there having doubts and creating awesome, but it’s cool knowing you’re joining in with the mad rush of NaNo.

I actually believe if it wasn’t for the community I wouldn’t be taking part in NaNo. Writers can write by themselves. I’m not saying we don’t need inspiration, motivation, and help at some point (read as tea and chocolate incentives), but if we’re determined enough we can write a story. We can write a story and finish it! I don’t know how much of my security in writing a novel is from NaNo and how much isn’t. I was gearing up to write a novel before I began participating in NaNo. It was a mess, but I was on my way. It’s the question of where I would be in my writing journey now with and without NaNo. Who knows?

I’m not a hundred percent sure on what I’m writing. I have a gazillion ideas, ok more like four, but I feel like it’s a gazillion. My brain hurts. It may just be hayfever, but if not I have already begun preparing! This is what I have learnt from my NaNo experiences; Pantsing sucks arse! Organisation is the shit. THE SHIT! Organise as much as you can because when you get to the editing stage… I would really love to build a time-machine, even though the paradoxes involved kill my brain cells, and tell my pre-NaNo self to never pants it again.

My goal today was to share my ideas for stories and my pre-NaNo prep, but as you can probably tell I’m all over the place. I lack coherency so I’m going to wait a few days and then share more. So today is all about announcing my willingness to once again dive balls-deep into NaNo.

*I apologise for offending anyone.


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