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Writing: Editing and Writing Plans

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Writing FictionI like memes and I like writing, put them together and you get me waffling about writing. Writing fiction. Writing fiction with pictures! Huzzah! Every now and again I’ll be sharing something involved with writing.

Keep an eye out for the other memes I’ve created in order to get myself blogging regularly – Editing Updates, Motley Monday, Workout Wednesday, Fucked up Friday, Music Monday, Foodie Friday, and What’s New Wednesday.


Time for an editing/writing update! I think I may be a week behind and if you haven’t noticed my editing progress widget in the sidebar is a month behind… Yeah I’m behind on a lot at the moment. What can I say? Life gets like that.


The school holidays happened and, I can’t remember if I’ve mentioned this before, I live with three teachers and my partner is a teacher. Imagine the amount of work I get done. Not as much as I would like, but I had fun.

I didn’t get to spend a lot of time editing and I decided that was fine for then. My plan was always to edit as much as possible, if not finishing completely (the first draft only), before November. Of course I hit a snag and got stuck on chapter two. I’m still stuck on chapter two (if anyone has any tips for progressing during editing when you’ve hit a wall, please share. I would love to know your experience and how you worked around it). I’m tired of chapter two…

Anyway, so my schedule from now on is going to be kinda crazy. NaNo is in November, then there’s December with Christmas and Christmasy things, the beginning of school holidays, then New Years, and I’m going to Melbourne in January. That’s three months of stuff, four if you chuck in this month with prepping for NaNo.

I’m putting editing of my horror on hold until January when I will take it back up again. I’ve had more practice writing novels then editing them. I’ve edited plenty of short stories, but the key word there is short. I figure I need a lot of practice editing a full length novel.

Here’s how my writing is going to look after November;


  • Title: 2012 Horror WIP (begun in 2012)
    • Genre: Horror
    • Progress: Editing the first draft
  • Title: 8254 (begun in 2010)
    • Genre: Dystopia – Large World
    • Progress: I’m halfway through writing the first draft
  • Title: Yeger (begun in 2009)
    • Genre: Crime/Thriller
    • Progress: Begun first draft
  • Title: Quiet Please – Working Title (beginning in November 2013)
    • Genre: Thriller/Dystopia – Small World
    • Progress: Outlined
  • Title: Institution/Boxed – Working Title
    • Genre: Psychological Dystopia – Small World
    • Progress: Outlined
  • Title: Untitled I
    • Genre: Psychological Thriller
    • Progress: Outlined
  • Title: Black (begun in 2008)
    • Genre: Dark Fantasy – Large World
    • Progress: A quarter-written, quarter-outlined, a complete mess
  • Title: Untitled II
    • Genre: YA Dark Fiction
    • Progress: Semi-outlined
  • Title: Untitled III
    • Genre: Dark Urban Fantasy
    • Progress: Semi-outlined
  • Title: Untitled IV
    • Genre: Erotica
    • Progress: Semi-outlined

By the end of November I’ll hopefully have two first-drafts completed, one half-draft, and three quarter-drafts. My new plan is focused on getting these written, edited, and giving myself a chance to practice my editing alongside brushing up on my writing.

November I will be writing a novel and December I plan on doing some outlining and research for several of the projects. Come 2014 I have a new habit I want to put into action. I want to get into the habit of writing a novel for two months and then editing another novel for a month. I don’t want to be editing the same novel the next month. I want to take a break, but I already have novels to edit so I figure this way I keep the ball rolling on writing and editing, and can break my focus from certain projects.

To make it simpler (mostly for me because my head hurts) here’s the plan for the next twelve months;

  • November 2013: Writing Quiet Please
  • December 2013: Research and outlining for 8254, Institution/Boxed and Untitled I
  • January 2014: First Draft Edit of Horror 2012
  • February – March 2014: Writing Institution/Boxed
  • April: Second Draft Edit of Horror 2012
  • May – June: 2014: Finishing first draft of 8254
  • July 2014: First Draft edit of Quiet Please
  • August – September 2014: Writing Untitled I
  • October 2014: NaNo-prep + Outlining and research for Untitled II
  • November 2014: Writing Untitled II

I’m using this mostly as a guide and not a strict schedule. I don’t want to get burnout, but I also am aware of my ability to write a novel in three weeks. I’ve given myself two months to write a new story to avoid burnout and not stress so much (my ultimate goal with NaNo this year is to calm my shit down and not hit 50,000 words so early). Of course things change, so I’ll see, but I think this is a good run through to test the waters for writing full time around life. So far I’ve written sporadically and then had complete focus during NaNo. I would like to expand from the frenzy that is NaNo and utilise the rest of the year for writing too.

My editing updates will resume in January, until then look forward to seeing writing rambles, NaNo updates, and stuff!


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Between a blogging addiction, hosting reading challenges, reviewing, writing novels, and overcoming a neuro-immune disease, Bonnie attempts to do as many awesome things as she can and has a good dose of daily bunny cuddles. She resides in Western Sydney with her rabbit, Winston.

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