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Quiet Please: About My Story for NaNoWriMo 2013

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NaNoWriMo 2013NaNoWriMo is here! Happy NaNoWriMo! In previous years I’ve been able to begin writing my NaNo novel in the morning, after I’ve woken up and had some breakfast, but not today. Today I have to wait till this evening. I’m a little frustrated because of it, but only a little. I can handle waiting!

I thought it was about time I shared my story idea, so here it is;

The newer trains in Sydney have a Quiet Carriage. I’ve never been on one myself, but the concept fascinates me and I know I would love to be on a quiet carriage during a long journey. So much reading to do…

What is a Quiet Carriage? Here’s the answer from the 131500 website.

It is a carriage where you can relax and enjoy your journey with more peace and quiet. When you are in a quiet carriage you are asked to turn your mobile phone to silent, turn the volume down on your headphones and keep chat to a minimum. If you need to make a phone call or have a conversation, you will be welcome in another carriage.

Sounds nice doesn’t it? I had my first glimpse of a quiet carriage when I was on my way to the Puma Glow Run. Naturally, my mind has to question these things. I have to question how everything works and, when it involves people, how something is maintained.

One of my friends works for Railcorp and I asked him how Railcorp polices the carriage. It turns out the issue isn’t worrying about people being quiet in the quiet carriages, it is how other people react to be disrupted.

Apparently it’s a common occurrence for passengers on the quiet carriages to lose it with their fellow passengers if they disrupt the piece. My cousin can even vouch for it, she’s seen people abuse someone over their phone ringing.

As you can imagine, my writer brain went mental over the idea. The idea of a policy not needing to be policed, but people’s reactions to someone behaving outside the policy is too delicious for the imagination to ignore.

This is where my idea came from. I’m going to write a story about passengers on a quiet carriage, but I’m going to an extreme.

In a pre-totalitarian future there is an underlying tension running through society. Fear mongering in media is on the verge of reaching fever pitch and the consequences are leaking into every day life. A group of people board a TransSyd Suburbia train, feeling safe and lost in the daily aspects of their lives, but unbeknownst to them nothing is safe on Quiet Carriage 2298.

I had to stop myself from putting ‘Destination: Loss of Humanity’ at the end there, being typed while I imagined a stupid voice in my head. You know, the stupid voice you find in those dodgy, b-grade movie trailers. Yeah… Just having fun.

Just a note too, I have changed the name for the train company. Actually I’m changing the whole idea and company running Sydney Trains. Hence the name TransSyd. TransSyd doesn’t exist, or maybe it will! In a Totalitarian future!

So I doubt I’ll be writing about my experience, but I will be sharing what has helped me plan out my story and things to help me write throughout November.

You can catch up with my progress via stats in my sidebar, or on NaNo.


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