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My Weekend Adventures Partying, Cycling, and Movie Watching

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After a flat out weekend and realising I don’t always remember all the things I get up to, I thought I’d begin posting about my adventures. I had a very full-on weekend. I’m usually very ready to move about during the week and when I’m at home, but right now all I can do is sit, type, and stare at the bunny.

Friday Night

I went to NaNo drinks at Star Bar in the city Friday night. This was my first NaNo drinks experience, I’d missed the last one due to illness, and I’d only been to Star Bar once before during the NaNo Coffee Crawl.

The weather was horrible, pouring once again, and I was running late. My partner and I went to get hay for our fluffy bub beforehand, and then I ended up going out the wrong exit when I got to Town Hall station. I’m really bad with exits. I can recognise certain features, but the problem is those certain features aren’t where I need them to be from the start. My brain is full of holes like this since having ME. It’s frustrating because before ME I spent a great deal of time in the city and found my way around without a problem.

Anyway, I finally figured it out and went and had drinks with my WriMo peeps. I discovered I have a taste for Chivas Regal, which is unfortunate as it is very easy to drink, and then tried to get home. Due to the shitty weather, signals were messed up from a lightning strike and the trains were a mess.

I caught the train home with a fellow WriMo and we ended up getting on one train, only to run down the stairs to another train that wasn’t going to go anywhere anytime soon, and then we ended up running back up the stairs to the first train. Then we got to Central and had to run to the other end of the station. It was awesome. We ended up getting on a train where we weren’t sure if it was going to stop at our stop or not.

Eventually we got home. I finally went to sleep at 2am, way past my bedtime…


I’d misplaced all my scripts, they were in a ‘special place’, and had to go to the doctor first thing to get my anti-depressants filled (I’d run out the day before). I didn’t exactly get up very early so after a wait at the doctor, a stop off at the supermarket and the chemist, I ended up running late for the write-in I was hosting. I sound like a great host, don’t I?

I didn’t get any writing done… I think I may have been hungover… I also wasn’t very proactive and helpful during that write-in (sorry my fellow WriMos). I didn’t get any writing done all weekend!

After the write-in I went grocery shopping and then picked up my friend’s birthday present. My partner and I got ourselves ready, while trying to spend time with Winston, and then we went into Surry Hills to get our dance on at The Soda Factory.

The Soda Factory was interesting. I’d never been there before and was completely thrown by the entrance. The ‘entrance’ has these two guys standing out the front, security, and then the inside is a woman on roller skates at a counter. There’s a sign for a hot-dog place, not a soda factory, and a woman standing there with a clipboard waiting to get your name.

When Clipboard Woman gets your name, you’re then allowed inside the actual bar via the way of Roller-Skate Lady opening up a vault door for you. Inside is a small bar replete with interesting pictures on the walls, collected items in nooks and crannies (including an old bike above the doorway), vintage-style lounges, tables with stools, staff dressed in rockabilly outfits, and a DJ. The bar itself is in the middle of the floor, the DJ starts the night out by playing older classics, and then the stools are taken away to create a dance floor where the music gets a bit more upbeat.

The whole theme gives the impression of a hipster’s rockabilly bar. I think The Soda Factory is a little up itself, but the rockabilly factor, the music, and the friendly staff makes it a really attractive venue. Hipsters disturb me and I’m not a pricey person, but I like The Soda Factory.

After a decent amount of dancing, my partner and I got home late, and I went to bed way past my bedtime yet again.


Sunday morning my partner and I spent time checking out new cars and going for test drives. We failed to find a new car, but it was an interesting learning experience. Some people shouldn’t be in customer service and let’s leave it at that.

After car shopping we came home and ate lunch then went for an 18 km bike ride at Olympic Park. Before the bike ride I was beginning to finally feel like shit. I just wanted to pass out and enter a very deep and dreamless sleep. I refuse to sleep during the day though. Since having ME I feel I’ve slept enough in the first few years of it, during the day, to last me awhile. Plus it messes up sleep patterns and I was trying to get my sleep pattern under control for seven years. Unless it is a power nap, I don’t want to know about it.

The bike ride was great though and helped wake me up. It’s wonderful how physical activity can alter your mood, alter your attitude, and give you a second wind. Even though I hadn’t been on my bike for a while, the day was beautiful and my muscles only protested a little.

We couldn’t do our full 20 km because we had to be back at the house in time to get ready for seeing Catching Fire! We saw it in Gold Class, although Parramatta is a rip off, it was awesome and the recliners… if I wasn’t seeing a movie I would have happily gone to sleep.

I would see Catching Fire again, as in straight-away-again. Of course I’m on a pension and have been going out to events so that’s not feasible, but it shows you just how much I loved it. I would recommend it. I think they did a great job adapting the story to film. Regardless of Katniss being a self-absorbed dimwit (just admit it people) the movie makes me love her and the storyline is so engrossing!

Of course it does help when Jennifer Lawrence is beautiful and then gets to wear crazy outfits and looks stunning in them. Naturally I believe Lenny Kravitz is a hottie too, I mean who wouldn’t believe such a thing?


So, that was my weekend. I’m pretty tired, but I’m happy about it. I REGRET NOTHING. I’ve been catching up on writing since then and I am back up to speed. I will also be very happily catching up on sleep and reading this week too. Even though I can handle going out two nights in a row, I feel sleep is far more important and I probably won’t do that again for a very long time. I’ll still have busy weekends though, just with more sleep and less alcohol. I’m just not as young as I used to be…


Author: Bonnie

Between a blogging addiction, hosting reading challenges, reviewing, writing novels, and overcoming a neuro-immune disease, Bonnie attempts to do as many awesome things as she can and has a good dose of daily bunny cuddles. She resides in Western Sydney with her rabbit, Winston.

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