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Workout: My Electric Run Experience for 2013

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I realise it’s Thursday and not Wednesday. It’s taken me till now to figure out what day it is. I had this to go up last night, but forgot all about it sometime during Christmas shopping. So… here it is now… on a Thursday…

Workout WednesdayIt’s Workout Wednesday time! It’s a chance for me to post about my progress with fitness. I’ve had M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelities or incorrectly titled Chronic Fatigue Syndrome) since 2005. When it first began I was in the 5-10% ability range – bedridden, unable to sleep, unable to tolerate noise, unable to do much of anything except lie inert in a dark room.

As you can imagine, muscle wasting occured and then I developed a blood clot. This blood clot went unnoticed until it travelled into my lungs and split into three blood clots. Such fun! The pulmonary embolism prompted me to get my body moving and now I’ve been building my strength back up, one workout session at a time.


The Electric Run saw its debut in Australia when it was held at Sydney’s Olympic Park in November. It reached record numbers for fun-runs in Australia with twenty-thousand participants showing up. Twenty-nine thousand! I was one of them and the experience was awesome.

The Electric Run was my second fun-run, but I like to think of it as my first. Compared to the Glow Run, which was technically my first, the Electric Run blew it out of the water. It was one of the best physical, healthy experiences I have ever had in my life, regardless of the pouring raining and all the people. It was fantastic.


My Electric Run 2013 Experience

My partner and I got cool t-shirts, our numbers, glow-in-the-dark glasses in our packets, and then we went and bought caps. We changed into our shirts, pinned on our numbers, donned our caps, and I put on my glasses eventually, but they were pretty annoying.

There were copious amounts of people to wend our way through and everyone was preparing themselves by eating dinner, pinning on their numbers, and sorting out their gear. Seriously, there were people every where. It was fun to sit there, eating our dinner, and watching all the types of people showing up for the run.

It poured. Really poured. My partner and I procured last-minute ponchos and we wore them as we joined the queue. Fortunately the rain began to clear up in time for the run. I have aversion issues and I took mine off when the rain had ceased. Of course, then it poured buckets and I ended up soaked, my feet were squelching in the water my joggers had collected, and I stopped running out of fear of falling over. Rain mixed with my awesome balance would mean smacking my head on the ground. Nice.

The run itself was meant to begin at eight, but it was late. I’m not surprised with the downpour. Someone jumped the gun though and the next thing you know everyone was running for it, minus starter alarm. My partner had a head-on collision with one of the staff running from the opposite direction. It was an interesting start to the run, that’s for sure.

At the start-up queue there were blown-up tubes changing colours lining the road. During the fun run itself there were umbrellas hanging from trees (the colours looked really cool), trees lit up with funky colours at their trunks, a drinking station with glowing cups, more blown up tubes, my favourite part with a bubble station (the bubbles, which contained glow-in-the-dark liquid, were being blown around under a canopy), the Neff logo in a photo area, and a tunnel created from blown up tubes arching over the road.

The finish itself was a dome, made from the same blow up material as the tubes, which led into one of the sheds at Olympic Park. Once inside the shed you were greeted with bottles of water, food stalls, and a stage with a DJ. There were very happy people every where. I believe it was a mixture of relief from the cold and wet, the fun-run itself, being greeted with hot food and yummy ice cream, and then the party atmosphere with the DJ.

I do not have mad skills when it comes to running and jogging. I seldom run. I’m still trying to get the hang of it and I refuse to run on a treadmill to practice. I am uncoordinated and accident prone in the oddest of ways, I don’t break, but I do bruise, sprain, and bleed. Walking fast on a treadmill is dangerous enough for me.

The weeks leading up to The Electric Run weren’t my healthiest. I hadn’t been going to the gym regularly, I’d had a nasty bug the week before, and I wasn’t as fit as I had been a month prior. I was anxious about how my body would cope, but guess what? Turns out I didn’t need to be!

I jogged most of the first 3k’s. Seriously, jogged. It was such a great feeling! It made me want to jog some more and take part in more fun-runs so I could jog like a maniac! Except, of course it began to rain heavily. We ended up walking, at a brisk pace of course, for the rest of the way with a few spurts of jogging.

As a side note: The bane of a type one diabetic’s existence is needing to carry around devices, food, and glucose all the time. After twenty-five plus years I’m still trying to figure out the most efficient ways to do so when it comes to daily life, let alone exercising. When my partner and I go on fun-runs, bike riding, and long walks, we take a backpack to carry all my supplies. It doesn’t matter how light I make it, it is always a pain and it eventually wears you down. If you are an athletic type with type one diabetes, I would love to know what you do to avoid becoming a packrat.

My partner and I didn’t stay for the DJ. We had something to eat and then made our way home. Apart from sleep, I knew I was wearing heels the next day. Also, I just really like to sleep a decent amount of hours.

Regardless of the rain The Electric Run was a great event. There were parents pushing strollers, kids running around in glowing costumes, teens running in groups, grannies and grandpas dressed up in crazy outfits, serious runners. It was fantastic. The varied demographics, the amount of participants, and the effort really gave The Electric Run a lively and wonderful atmosphere. The closest I’ve come to experiencing a similar feel is at concerts and music festivals.


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