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Reading Challenges in 2014

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Last week I shared my reading journal from last year and, as the way things are with reading challenges, it’s time for me to share the ones I’m doing this year. It’s more of a shoutout to the hosts, rather than acknowledging what I’m going to be reading. As I mentioned, in my 2013 Journal, I’ve accepted I’m not going to read the majority of what I set out to read.

I’ve also noticed my focus has changed from being obsessive to being very laxed. When I’m in either a depressed state, an anxious and stressed state, or my world narrows dramatically (as it did with the onset of ME/CFS) my OCD tends to dominate. I become obsessed with numbers (including calculating how many pages I could read a day for each book), lists, and very competitive. I don’t know who I’m competitive with, but the urge is there.

Anyway, reading challenges for this year. It’s all pretty much the same except I’m opting out of Get Steampunk’d this year. As much as I want to be in love with Steampunk Lit, I just can’t. Some books in the genre have been entertaining, but mostly they’ve either been boring, or the idea of Steampunk being set in Victorian times actually pisses me off.

Anyway, again! Can you tell I haven’t been blogging for awhile? Talk about going on. You can find my reading list in my up-to-date 2014 Journal. I’ll be aiming for a minimum of five books for each challenge.

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