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Somewhere Out There…

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Oh look, words and things… I’m around. I’ve been doing life-like things. Began working, after 9 years of debilitating fun times with ME/CFS, full-time. As you can imagine, that’s been a big change to get used to. I’m creating this post at work, on my lunch break, and hoping I don’t fall asleep. I have not had enough because I went to a Pre-NaNo Planning Session!

I regret nothing.

The planning session did make me want to write though. I haven’t been writing. These are the things I have been doing;

Sleeping, Working, and having Weekends

Weekends are amazing. You don’t realise how much you’ve missed weekends until you don’t really have weekends. When you’re trapped indoors every day, not working, weekends and weekdays meld into each other.

I began working part-time at my current job (being a social butterfly and helping customers at BookFari) and then switched to full-time. The head-office is in Eastern Suburbia. I live in Western Sydney Suburbia. There is a lot of commuting going on, but I don’t mind. It’s my reading time. It means I get a minimum of 1 hour’s reading time a day.

So, work is good. I’m mostly used to it now and have my mental illnesses understood (I’d say handled, but hah!). I like having an income too. Money to buy food and gym towels. Just the finer things in life, especially when they can help me keep up with my metabolism (urgh, I’m so hungry).

Exercising Sporadically

Getting a job made me unfit. It’s true. I went from muscle atrophy to working out and exercising every day to sitting on my butt most of the day. At first I was walking the 20 minute walk to work from the station, but then I discovered I could catch the bus. I think I got lazy, but let’s define lazy. Lazy means “unwilling to work or use energy.” Now I’m willing to use energy. I do things, I volunteer my time. I can be proactive. I just didn’t feel like walking all that way when I could be catching the bus and reading instead. Plus hot days equal being sweaty and rainy days equals cold and miserable.

Anyway, so I’ve put on about 4kgs. Not a crazy amount, I know, but I’m short enough it messes up my BMI. Couple that with just not moving and my muscles decided not to like me. Right now I’m working on exercising each day, cutting out refined sugar (oh boy did that give me the shakes), and getting toned. We’ll see how that goes…

Beginning another Vegetable Garden.

I bought a small, portable, greenhouse. I love it! I went and splurged, finally, and got all the necessary items I needed. Set them up and… I’ll admit it. I’m a half-arsed gardener. I believe plants need sunlight, water, and love. Shouldn’t this be enough? I greet them and have a chat with them. I know not to over-water them or to let them completely dry out. Still… sometimes they just tend to die. I don’t usually get it together enough to organise the garden and have it established.

I blame my bad sense of time…

My dill died and my wheatgrass seedlings gave up, but mostly everything has flourished. The chicory is growing like wildfire, the purple carrot has taken over its pot nicely, the coriander has made a come-back after having to be cut down from dead leaves, the basil is growing well (from seedlings), the rocket is flourishing after it went mouldy and I cut it right down, and my strawberries are surely ready to bloom any day now.

It’s all working out! I’ve been able to harvest some of the plants to add to Winston’s diet. He knows now. If I go outside around dinner time, he comes running to the door.


I’ve started doing a Diploma in Business Administration through MCI. I love to learn, I get bored easily, and an opportunity presented itself. So why not take advantage of it? It means I can learn something new, expand on my skills, and have options for later.

It’s been interesting being a student again after over a decade though, but it’s also fun to say I’m a student. I’m studying. I’m going to the school of hard knocks… Heee… That’s a joke! Don’t worry, if I’m a jerk then I’m not that kind of jerk. I don’t think I’m a jerk, but I could be in denial. Who knows?

Schedules and Order

What I’ve really been trying to do over the last how-ever-many-months is trying to find some order. I need order. I need schedules. I need to fit all the things in and not feel like I’m being rushed. I think I can blame the OCD and anxiety on it, but I’m not sure. Sometimes the lines of mental illness do get blurry!

I’ve done a de-clutter at home and come up with a cleaning schedule so I’m doing a small amount during weekdays. I pre-cook all my meals, including meat, and freeze them for the weekday dinners. I’ve added apps to my iPhone to help me complete tasks in 30 minute time slots. I’m learning how to quicken my reading pace so I can read (speed-reading for non-fiction, advanced reading for fiction, simply so I can read more). I’m getting there… Next thing will be to writing and blogging without feeling rushed.

This leads me to this song… I’m somewhere out there. Living life. Doing things. Trying to get some sleep. Probably watching An American Tail at some point thanks to this post. Maybe I’ll be blogging sporadically again soon. Oh the suspense!


Author: Bonnie

Between a blogging addiction, hosting reading challenges, reviewing, writing novels, and overcoming a neuro-immune disease, Bonnie attempts to do as many awesome things as she can and has a good dose of daily bunny cuddles. She resides in Western Sydney with her rabbit, Winston.

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