Bonnie Sparks Writes

…fiction and discusses editing, writing, mental illness, chronic conditions, bunnies, food, fitness, and geeky topics.


Since I can remember I’ve been weaving stories for myself and for others, first spoken and eventually in writing.

Born in Melbourne, Australia, my family moved to Sydney when I was quite young and I’ve been moving around New South Wales ever since.

I’m now working on what will hopefully be my debut novel, a negative utopia, with a title that keeps changing mainly because I can’t make up my mind. I also write short stories, the occasional poem, and haiku. The last of which is my favourite and also least written.

Because I’m Australian and think it is important to promote Australian Literature, I prefer to write stories based in Australia or at least keeping with Australian quirks. These quirks aren’t necessarily blindingly obvious, but instead are very subtle (such as using Australian English, using terms such as bushland instead of forest, or keeping in with weather and seasons). In the end really it all depends on where the story takes me and usually they’re dark, macabre, or have a dark sense of humour, all with deeper messages.

None of my work is published online or in any media format, but I’m working on it, especially short story submissions.

I have a tendency to support underdogs, the lesser understood minority, and people in the same situation that I have experienced or somehow has a relation to my own. The main ones are bisexual awareness and rights along with the LGBTQ community, invisible and chronic illnesses such as Myalgic Encephalomyelitis, Fibromyalgia, and Type 1 Diabetes. These may or may not be part of something I write in future. I have so many ideas up my sleeve that I keep hidden till they’re ready that you really can’t tell what’s going on half the time. I can’t for that matter!


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