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Music Monday: Wanna Be Startin’ Something by Michael Jackson

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Music MondayIt’s Music Monday time! I used to listen to music religiously, avidly, hungrily! That is until I fell ill with M.E. (Myalgic Encephalomyelities) and couldn’t listen to anything. It would give me a headache and send my senses into overload. Understandably, I avoided music for a long time.

Now I can listen to it more, but have trouble multi-tasking while it’s on. I will make my ears listen though. Oh they will! Here’s me sharing my favourite songs for the past two weeks. Enjoy!


Why I Love it:¬†Honestly, I haven’t been listening to music much lately. Maybe even since last year. I’ve been getting this song stuck in my head lately though. It doesn’t matter if I don’t listen to music, it always is around in my brain. For many years I wasn’t interested in Michael Jackson’s music. When I was a child I was and finally again. I blame my age. It’s made me all sentimental and decided who cares what I’m listening to? This is probably why I love K-Pop now too.


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Reading Challenges in 2014

Last week I shared my reading journal from last year and, as the way things are with reading challenges, it’s time for me to share the ones I’m doing this year. It’s more of a shoutout to the hosts, rather than acknowledging what I’m going to be reading. As I mentioned, in my 2013 Journal, I’ve accepted I’m not going to read the majority of what I set out to read.

I’ve also noticed my focus has changed from being obsessive to being very laxed. When I’m in either a depressed state, an anxious and stressed state, or my world narrows dramatically (as it did with the onset of ME/CFS) my OCD tends to dominate. I become obsessed with numbers (including calculating how many pages I could read a day for each book), lists, and very competitive. I don’t know who I’m competitive with, but the urge is there. Continue reading