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Challenging Myself with 100 Happy Days

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged and I keep thinking about it. I really want to get back into it. It’s funny with blogging, once you begin, it can be hard to shake it. Not that I’ve been trying to shake it, by no means, but I’m still trying to figure out schedules and settling into a routine where I can have enough time (after allotting free time for things like bunny time) for blogging something worth blogging. Continue reading


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Being Behind, Migraines, Blood Sugars, Cool Bunny, and Great Things

I don’t see much happening around here, or on BA, for a little bit. Since November I’ve been trying to play catch-up, but then things happen of course. Like the last week I’ve had. I’ll set out to blog, write, read, and organise every day, but then I get hit with migraines, I start feeling sick, I become really fatigued, and I end up having several lows in one day.

It’s been a great last week.

The low blood sugars are mainly due to my new glucometer. A low every so often is fine to deal with, as long as it’s not a crazy-bad one. You get one, you treat it, you get on with your day. When you have several a day for days on end though, your brain starts to lose its shit. Errant blood sugars cause fatigue and cognitive dysfunction. Continue reading