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Challenging Myself with 100 Happy Days

It’s been awhile since I’ve blogged and I keep thinking about it. I really want to get back into it. It’s funny with blogging, once you begin, it can be hard to shake it. Not that I’ve been trying to shake it, by no means, but I’m still trying to figure out schedules and settling into a routine where I can have enough time (after allotting free time for things like bunny time) for blogging something worth blogging. Continue reading


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What’s New: Time for a Haircut and a Real Job

What's New WednesdayIt’s What’s New Wednesday time! It’s a chance for me to share what’s new in my non-writing and writing world. I have created other memes, Fucked up Friday, Motley Monday, Music Monday, Writing, Editing, Workout Wednesday, and the rare Foodie Friday, as a way to blog regularly.


Get a haircut and get a real job seems to be one of my favourite sayings lately. I have been on a disability pension for several years now, I fought hard for it after I fell ill with ME/CFS in 2005, and I have really needed the support. Now though, while I still need support to a degree, I feel I’m ready to begin working. Continue reading