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In The Works

Main Projects

Title: Bully Me (working title) – Genre: Supernatural Horror

Tormented and abused by her fellow students, Lulu is about to hit rock bottom, but who will be there to help her out of her despair?

Inspired by real events, Bully Me shows the extremes of bullying and what can happen when an abused child finds the means of escape with the help of an unlikely suspect.

Note: This is not a young adult story. It is dark; it is depressing, and gratuitously violent.

Title: 8254 – Genre: Negative Utopia

My main project, 8254, is a negative utopian story that I’m hoping will be my first published novel. I’m still working on the synopsis for this story, I have the habit of not sharing until I’ve finished, but if you’re curious when it comes to the difference between negative utopia and dystopia then I can share that.

The line between dystopia and negative utopia can be a little blurred at times, but the basics are;

  • Dystopia is usually an environment or society where the inhabitants are aware their situation is unpleasant, but aren’t willing to or can’t change it. V for Vendetta, one of my all time favourite graphic novels and movies, is a great example. There’s more below the surface, but going by face value alone you know the situation isn’t pleasant, and it’s not truly hidden. That story is also more totalitarian (being a society ruled by an overbearing government who controls all or the majority of the facets of that society), but it’s still a great example of people living in an unpleasant environment without being completely brainwashed.
  • Negative Utopia on the other hand, is akin to dystopia, but it hides it. It’s an environment that gives the appearance of being a utopian society; perfect, providing everything, all citizens are happy or at least content, and therefore unaware that they are truly brainwashed and their happy existence is a complete sham.

The idea of a utopian society is meant to be one of peace with nothing to disrupt it and nothing sinister going on behind the curtains, but my novel explores the inability for society to be so perfect and peaceful. I’ve always had an interest in mental conditioning and controlling societies. I think it was inevitable I would end up writing a story which delves into such subjects.


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