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365 Day Photography Challenge – Week Nine

The following photos are part of the 365 Photography Challenge I’m taking part in. This is week nine, April 1st-7th 2012.

I’ve been having lots of Reaper invasions this week. Yes, I’m talking about Mass Effect 3. I’m almost at the end so I’m actually procrastinating right now rather than finishing the game and doing this later tonight. I don’t really want the game to end at all. Although I’ve had a few bugs disrupting the visuals I’ve still found it to be a pretty good game and it’s been a nice break from Skyrim, which is what I’ll have to go back to to finish of course. Those games never end… Other than that I’ve just been resting, putting up with an errant tooth until I can go to the dentist (wisdom teeth, hurry up and evolve out of here already), watching lots of Fringe, and cleaning up my bookcases. SO. MANY. BOOKS. NOT. ENOUGH. ROOM. I’m hoping after I finish ME3 then I’ll be able to get my read on. Going through my bookcases has just made me want to read even more. I think I need to learn how to speed read.

April 1st: Sword Sitting - I think Skyrim was getting a little glitchy with me lately or maybe it was trying to tell me something. First it was the horse and now it's an invisible bench. Well, not really invisible, but the soldier didn't seem to want to walk all that way to it.

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365 Day Photography Challenge – Week Eight

The following photos are part of the 365 Photography Challenge I’m taking part in. This is week eight, March 25th-31st 2012.

And it’s back! I mentioned not that long ago that I was taking a break from the photo challenge and this was what I was going to do when I started back up again. So here’s hoping I can stick with it for awhile.

Last week I came back home from a two week stay at my partner’s place, finished reading The Wolf Gift by Anne Rice (I’d taken eight books to my partner’s place, some for planned reading and others just in case I didn’t get into those books, but ended reading less than two hundred pages), and finally got a copy of Mass Effect 3. It had been pre-ordered, but for some reason the website mixed up the order and I missed out on the collector’s edition. I think I’ll stick to pre-ordering games from gaming companies instead of trying a new place. I’d bought from them before without problems though, books and DVDs, but I guess it can’t always go smoothly. Not to worry, now I have a copy and my inner geek is feeling pretty giddy.

March 25th: Rambo Sleeping - Rambo sleeping between my partner and I. Isn't he cute? So cute.

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